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Leadership and management skills:


Leadership and management skills encompass a range of skills associated with people management, self-management and change management.

Planning, problem solving and decision making are all skills which pertain to leadership and management. Supervision is another major aspect of managing and leading, as is the ability to delegate tasks to others, and to effectively manage yourself and your workload. 

58% of IRC Skills Forecasts identified this skill as a priority

Industry skills needs

Leadership and management skills are ranked as the 3rd highest-priority by industry, with nearly 58% of individual IRC Skills Forecasts listing them as a priority for their workforce.

58% of IRC Skills Forecasts identified this skill as a priority

When considering the IRC’s ranking of generic skills, Managerial/Leadership skills (which aligns directly with Leadership and management) were also ranked 5th (out of 12) .

40% of the priority skills identified by the Dental Industry were leadership and management skills.

The leadership and management related skills identified by the Dental industry in their IRC Skills Forecast were:

  • Clinical leadership
  • Leadership in a dental setting.

20% of priority skills identified by the following nine industries in their Skills Forecasts were Leadership and management skills:

  • Mining, Drilling and Civil infrastructure
  • Community Services
  • Sport and Recreation 
  • Wholesale Retail  
  • Government 
  • Public Safety
  • Health Services
  • Financial Services
  • Property Services.
The majority of specific skills identified by these industries were Leadership, Management and Professionalism.

Case studies

Sports and Recreation

This industry consists of four sectors, each of which identified leadership and management as a priority for their workforce:
  • Aquatic and Community Recreation 
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Sport. 

All four sectors listed Managerial/Leadership skills in their top 5 generic skills needed. In addition, two of the four sectors listed leadership amongst their priority skills for their sector:

  • Community Recreation
  • Outdoor Recreation.

There are several challenges and opportunities in the industry which impact on the need for leadership and management skills. These include:

  • increased discretionary income population growth
  • a health conscious population
  • the cost of operating sporting and recreation facilities
  • receipt of government grants for new facilities and programs to improve sport participation rates and performance outcomes
  • the gender composition of the workforce
  • diversity and inclusion in sport.

These quotes from the Sports and Recreation IRC Skills Forecast illustrate the importance of leadership and management skills:

At a national level, women are under-represented in leadership positions in sport..….  Good governance principles are required to increase transparency and improve gender balance for leading positions in sport.

Facilities that integrate sport and recreation with a variety of services, such as health and community service providers, are believed to be the future of the sector…..This development would see the need for recreation planners who can maximise the value to the community and facility managers equipped with the skills to manage large-scale venues.

Government industry cluster

Both the Public Sector and Local Government Industry Reference Committees identified Leadership and management as a priority for their respective workforces. 

The Local Government IRC Skills Forecast ranked Leadership as its top priority skill and Managerial/Leadership as its top generic skill. The Public Sector IRC Skills Forecast lists Management as its second top priority skill and Leadership/Management as its third top generic skill.

These quotes from Skills Forecasts within the Government industry cluster illustrate why Leadership and Management have been identified as a priority for these sectors:

The Local Government Qualifications Framework needs to support the career progression of individuals who require their industry knowledge and skills to be enriched with management and leadership skills. It has been noted that a more strategic approach to training and development necessary, focussed on developing in-house talent to step into leadership positions. (Local Government IRC Industry Skills Forecast).

Leadership and management skills remain a training area of key priority in the public sector. Strength in leadership ensures that the public sector can adapt and evolve under sound direction. (Public Sector IRC Industry Skills Forecast).

Irrespective of the way change originates, change management requires planning and structures that support impacted stakeholders in making the transition and overcoming the challenges involved. It is generally accepted that stakeholders’ capacity to adapt to change decreases if they misunderstand or resist the change, causing barriers and ongoing issues. Here the role and skill of management and leadership becomes critical. (Public Sector IRC Industry Skills Forecast).

Updated: 29 May 2018
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