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Leadership and management skills:


Leadership and management skills encompass a range of skills associated with people management, self-management and change management.

Planning, problem-solving and decision-making are all skills which pertain to leadership and management. Other major aspects of managing and leading include supervision of others, the ability to delegate tasks, and to effectively manage yourself and your workload.

Industry skills needs

Generic skills

In their 2018 Skills Forecasts, IRC’s ranked a series of 12 generic skill categories, in priority order.

Managerial/Leadership skills (which aligns directly with Leadership and management) received an average ranking of 6th (out of 12) across all skills forecasts.

Priority skills

Leadership and management skills were also identified by around half of the industries that reported on priority skills in their 2018 Skills Forecasts.

The three main leadership and management-related skills, identified most frequently within priority skills lists in skills forecasts, were:

  • Management-related, mentoring-related or supervisory or training skills, identified by the following industries:
  • Management and Conference & Event roles within the Tourism Travel and Hospitality industry
  • Meat Processing
  • Metal, Engineering and Boating
  • Mining, Drilling and Civil Infrastructure - Civil Infrastructure
  • Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers within the Enrolled Nursing industry
  • Personal Services Workers within the Client Services industry
  • Process Manufacturing - Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining industry
  • Public Sector
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
  • Sport and Recreation – Fitness
  • Coordination skills, identified by the following industries:
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker
  • Ambulance and Paramedics
  • Visual Merchandisers within Retail and Wholesale
  • Various roles including Cookery/Food Preparation, Management, and Travel and Tourism roles, within the Tourism Travel and Hospitality industry.
  • Judgement and decision-making, identified by these industries:
  • Health & Welfare Service Managers, and Occupational & Environmental Health Professionals within the Community Sector and Development industry
  • Visual Merchandisers working in the Retail and Wholesale industry.


Case studies

Tourism Travel and Hospitality

The Tourism, Travel and Hospitality industry is large and diverse, and encompasses a broad range of different occupations. According to the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC's 2018 Skills Forecast, leadership and management-related skills are a priority for the following occupations in this industry:

  • Cookery & Food Preparation roles, with specific occupations including:
    • Chefs
    • Cooks
    • Bakers and Pastry Cooks
    • Bar Attendants and Baristas
  • Conference and Event roles, specifically:
    • Conference and Event Organisers
  • Management roles, specific occupations may include:
    • Café or Restaurant Managers
    • Hotel and Motel Managers
    • Hotel Service Managers
    • Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers
    • Caravan Park and Camping Ground Managers
    • Licensed Club Mangers.
  • Travel and Tourism roles, occupations including:
    • Tourism and Travel Advisors
    • Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides
    • Travel Attendants
  • and various other hospitality-related occupations, such as:
    • Waiters
    • Gaming Workers
    • Housekeepers

In each of the above occupations either coordination skills and/or management-related skills were identified as a top skill area, according to the Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business.

In addition, the following quote, sourced from the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC's 2018 Skills Forecast, highlights the importance of leadership and managements skills to this industry:

Management and leadership skills, strategic planning, financial literacy and mentoring and coaching skills are among those identified as being critical to building and maintaining a sustainable tourism, travel and hospitality industry. (Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC's 2018 Skills Forecast)

Updated: 19 Dec 2018
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