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National Skills Overview


The National Skills Overview provides analysis of industry skills needs and the factors and trends affecting the demand for skills at a national and cross-industry level.

The overview draws largely on Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work, with a particular focus on the comprehensive Forecasts released in 2019, and supports the design and development of training packages that meet the current and future skills needs of industry.

It links the cross-industry analysis on skills needs with the activities and initiatives of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and its network of Industry Reference Committees. 

The National Skills Overview consists of four key sections which are detailed below: 

Insights and highlights

Insights and highlights

Summarises skills prioritised by industry, factors and trends affecting skills demand, and key initiatives addressing skills needs.

Factors and trends

Factors and trends

Considers some of the trends and factors which influence and drive the demand for skills.

Priority skills


Priority skills

Examines skills prioritised by industry in their IRC Skills Forecasts, and the impact of COVID-19 on demand for these skills. 

Key initiatives


Key initiatives

Links for information on training package development activities and initiatives of the AISC and its network of IRCs.


Please note, IRCs now submit comprehensive Skills Forecasts to the AISC every 3 years, with abridged annual updates submitted in the intervening 2 years. One aspect of the Skills Forecasts which is absent in the abridged annual updates is the Skills Outlook section which summarises priority skills that are in high demand within each industry.

Further to this, many IRCs were not required to submit an annual update in 2020, given the significant impact of COVID-19. As such, the version published in 2019 remains the most recently available Skills Forecast for many industries.

In light of this, the National Skills Overview draws largely on information sourced from the comprehensive Skills Forecasts released in 2019.


  Print the full 2020/21 National Skills Overview report here

  Print the full 2019/20 National Skills Overview report here

  Print the full 2018/19 National Skills Overview report here

  Print the full 2017/18 National Skills Overview report here 


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