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This page provides high level information and data on the Education industry which includes VET Teacher Training and Foundation Skills. These training packages are critical elements in this system, playing central roles in the training of all learners that engage in the VET sector. In particular, Training and Education is fundamental to the functioning of the VET system as a whole as it houses the qualifications and units that prepare teachers and practitioners to deliver vocational education and training. As such, a productive and high-quality VET sector is contingent upon a robust training package that appropriately skills the VET teachers and practitioners to provide quality training to learners.

For more information on data specific to VET Teacher Training and Foundation Skills please visit the respective pages.

Information sourced from the Education IRC's 2017 Skills Forecast and the Education IRC's 2018 Skills Forecast (forthcoming).

IRC and Skills Forecasts

Training snapshot

Enrolments in the VET Teacher Training and Foundation Skills Training Packages decreased between 2014 and 2016 from 91,517 enrolments to 78,984 enrolments. However, in 2017 enrolments increased to 99,222.

A similar pattern was evident for program completions with a decrease of completions between 2014 (39,758) to 2016 (31,713), followed by an increase in completions in 2017 with 34,399.

Subject enrolments steadily increased from 2014 (21,231) to 2017 (29,491).

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Updated: 11 Sep 2019
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