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National Industry Insights Report

Industry Insights

The industry pages offer high-level information and data by industry sector.


Search by IRC, industry, sector, training package, IRC skills forecast or occupation.

National Skills Overview

The National Skills Overview provides high-level analysis of industry skills needs, and the factors and trends affecting the demand for skills at a national and cross-industry level. The overview consists of four key sections which are detailed below.
Summarises the skills prioritised by industry, factors and trends affecting skills demand, and key initiatives addressing skills needs
Considers some of the trends and factors which influence and drive the demand for skills
Examines the skills prioritised by industry in their Industry Reference Committee Skills Forecasts.
Provides information on activities and initiatives of the AISC and its network of Industry Reference Committees

What is the National Industry Insights Report?

The AISC National Industry Insights Report is a collection of skills, training, employment and labour market information and analysis, by industry sector.                                                    It also includes a National Skills Overview, which examines cross-industry insights.

The resource supports Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in designing and developing training packages that meet the current and future skills needs of industry.

The website has been developed for the AISC by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research.

About the AISC

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) approves nationally recognised training packages for implementation.

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